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Successful Representation of ATMI (currently, Entegris) in Trade Secret Misappropriation Case

Lee & Ko’s IP Practice Group drew upon  its extensive trade secret practice and expertise (in both civil and criminal contexts) to  successfully obtain favorable court rulings for ATMI, Inc. (now Entegris, Inc.), which manufactures and sells injection devices for chemical solvents and photoresistors used in manufacturing semiconductors and flat-screen panels, in a trade-secret misappropriation case.  The case involved certain employees of ATMI who had left the company in 2006 taking with them various trade secret materials related to ATMI’s injection devices for photoresistors.  Subsequently, these former employees established their own company, ERE Materials Co., Ltd. (“ERE”) and began manufacturing and selling imitation injection devices for photoresistors. Lee & Ko successfully obtained favorable judgments both in criminal and civil cases that were filed for ATMI in November 2012 and September 2013, respectively. This outcome will have a significant impact on market share within Korea for chemical solvents and photoresistors used in high-technology products for consumers around the world. 

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