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Lee & Ko Holds Seminar Focusing on "Important Recent Legal Developments Relating to Patents, Trade Secrets and Employee Inventions”


Lee & Ko recently hosted a free IP law seminar for clients, focusing on the topic of “Critical Legal Issues and Trends Related to Patents, Trade Secrets and Employee Inventions”. The seminar was held on November 19, 2015 in Lee & Ko’s Academia conference room.

Approximately fifty representatives of various companies attended the seminar to hear insightful and informative presentations prepared by leading intellectual property law experts belonging to Lee & Ko's IP Practice Group.

In the first session, Mr. Choong Jin Oh, whose prior experience includes serving as a judge at the Patent Court, delivered a presentation titled “Indirect Infringement: Patent Infringement in the Context of Producing and Exporting Semi-Finished Products”. In the second session, Mr. Un Ho Kim, whose prior experience includes serving as a judge for the Seoul High Court Intellectual Property Division, as well as serving as a research judge for the Supreme Court’s Intellectual Property Division, delivered a presentation titled “Trade Secrets – Major Arguments and Defenses in Trade Secrets Litigation that Every Practitioner Must Know”. In the last session, Ms. Eun Woo Lee gave a presentation on the “Employee Invention System: Practical Issues of Concern Relating to the Management of Dispute Resolution and Prevention Mechanisms”.

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